Groovy Moments In Pop Culture History 

Written by Lyra Radford

Remember when Mr. T was work-besties with Nancy Reagan? Or when The Flintstones briefly added a little green martian to its cast? Or how about when ABC got the ingenious idea to take non-athletic rock and pop stars and pit them against each other in sporting events? Come right this way and take a stroll down memory lane with some of the grooviest moments in pop culture history.  

Raquel Welch - bombshell beauty of the 1960's.

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Here’s a nice shot of a sultry looking Raquel Welch, one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1960s and 1970s. In a sea of blonde bombshells, Welch broke the mold of what it meant to be a sex symbol. Despite her impressively long resume, she’ll probably always be best remembered for her role in “One Million Years BC.”

She was in Bedazzled (1967), Bandolero! (1968), 100 Rifles (1969) and Myra Breckinridge. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy in 1974 for her performance in The Three Musketeers. She was cast in Right to Die in 1987 and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Television Film for her performance.

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara in 1980.

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Check it out, it’s Sofía Margarita Vergara back when she was a kid. Now best known for her role on the hit show Modern Family, who knew this little girl here would eventually grow up to be ranked as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes!

The award-winning actress and model originally rose to prominence while co-hosting two television shows for Univisión in the late 1990s. Then she appeared in notable films (in English) such as Chasing Papi (2003), Four Brothers (2005) and two Tyler Perry films: Meet the Browns (2008) and Madea Goes to Jail (2009). Her acting career aside, she’s also branched out into the design and business world, and has seen great success with her furniture collection and fashion line. She also co-founded a Latino-focused digital media company and talent agency.

Oh la la - Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1950's.

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Bardot won the world over with her charms, talent, and effortless beauty. Bardot was the original blonde bombshell. Her early retirement served almost like a time capsule, Bardot didn't have time to fade from fame or grow old in the public eye. The memory of her beauty remains just as perfect today as she was in this photograph taken in Cannes back in the 1950's. 

Italian beauty, Claudia Cardinale, embodied all the wow factors of a 60's starlet.

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Here we have the Italian beauty, Claudia Cardinale. She was the embodied all the wow factors of a 60's starlet and completely took Europe by a storm, and soon the United States… and the rest of the world. She appeared in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Girl with a Suitcase (1961), The Leopard (1963), and Federico Fellini's 8½ (1963). 

Cardinale became known in the United States and Britain following her role in The Pink Panther. Then she began appearing in Hollywood films like Blindfold (1965) with Rock Hudson, The Professionals (1966), and the epic Western Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). She feared becoming a cliché and grew tired of Hollywood so she returned to Italian and French cinema. 

Lynda Carter and Dawn Lyn (Leif Garrett's younger sister) in a scene from Wonder Woman 1978.

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Pictured here are Lynda Carter and Dawn Lyn (Leif Garrett's younger sister) in a scene from Wonder Woman back in 1978.

Soon after Raquel Welch broke the blonde bombshell mold, Lynda Carter swooped in and smashed any remaining shards into itty bitty pieces, beyond recognition. In the role of Wonder Woman, Carter showed just how much strength and sex appeal a woman could rock at the same time. She reigned supreme as America’s Sweetheart from 1975 to 1979. Then she continued her battle for justice off-screen as an advocate for LGBT rights and joined efforts in finding the cure for cancer. 

Would you have recognized this man! Telly Savalas back in the 1970's

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Noted for his deep, gravelly voice and his bald head, singer and character actor, Aristotelis "Telly" Savalas’ career spanned four decades. His film credits films include The Young Savages (1961), The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), Battle of the Bulge (1965), The Dirty Dozen (1967), The Scalphunters (1968), and he played super villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1962, for his performance in Birdman of Alcatraz. His film career continued through the 1970s and he also had a successful run in the television crime drama Kojak from 1973 to 1978), co-starring his real-life brother George Savalas.

Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne star in The Quiet Man (1952).

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Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne star in The Quiet Man (1952). In it, "A retired American boxer returns to the village of his birth in Ireland, where he finds love." Obviously, the feisty Irish-born actress O'Hara was a perfect fit for western legend John Wayne. 

Although, O'Hara was also known for her creative alliance with Western Director John Ford as well. The trio worked on numerous films together, she and Wayne were longtime friends and co-stars. She was one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood and eventually became known as "The Queen of Technicolor".

'Dream boat' Raquel Welch rowing a boat on a lake in London, 1969.

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How adorable is Raquel Welch in this outfit? Perfect for rowing a boat on this lake in London, back in 1969. Leave it to this mold-breaking sex icon to prove way back in the 60's that nautical-inspired fashion is not just for (male) sailors. Welch carved out her niche in film history by playing strong female characters and quickly became an icon of the 1960s and 1970s. 

Welch has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress for her performance in The Three Musketeers (in 1974). She was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest Stars in Film History" in 1995 and Playboy ranked her No. 3 on their "100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century" list.

Elvis receiving an honorary police badge in Colorado back in 1970.

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Pictured here is Elvis Presley receiving an honorary police badge in Colorado back in 1970. Presley began his music career back in 1954 and really came into his own. The early popularizer of rockabilly fused country with rhythm and blues. His first RCA single “Heartbreak Hotel” was released in January of 1965 and wasted no time in becoming a number-one hit in the US.

 Since then Elvis has gone on to earn the largest presentation of gold and platinum record awards in history. The King has a total of 90 gold, 53 platinum and 25 multi-platinum album awards under his massive belt buckle. 

BLONDIE Debbie Harry on the set of the 'Heart of Glass' video shoot, 1979.

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Here's Debbie Harry of Blondie on the set of the 'Heart of Glass' video shoot. According to the group, the song wasn't actually about anyone, in particular, just a general moan about lost love. Originally the song said: "Once I had a love, it was a gas. Soon turned out, it was a pain in the ass." As Harry later explained, "We couldn't keep saying that, so we came up with: "Soon turned out, had a heart of glass." We kept one "pain in the ass" in – and the BBC bleeped it out for radio."

She went on to say, "For the video, I wanted to dance around but they told us to remain static, while the cameras moved around. God only knows why. Maybe we were too clumsy. I wore an asymmetrical dress designed by Steve Sprouse, made the boys' T-shirts myself, and probably did my own hair. Everyone says I look iconic and in control, but I prefer our other videos. It was No 1 around the world. We'd had a lot of hits, but this was our first at home. Chapman was in Milan with us and said: "Join me in the bar." I thought: "Oh God, I just wanna go to bed." But we dragged our asses down and he told us it was No 1 in America. We drank a lot."

British actor Peter Lawford and his brother-in-law JFK on a yacht in 1962.

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Here's actor Peter Lawford sailing with President John F. Kennedy aboard the yacht "Manitou", which was a former USCG training vessel used as a "floating White House'. At the time this photo was taken, the two were just off the coast of Johns Island, Maine, on August 12, 1962.

Peter Sydney Ernest Lawford was an actor, producer, and socialite who was most famous from the 1940s to the 1960s. He was a member of the legendary "Rat Pack" and brother-in-law to President John F. Kennedy. In his later years, he became better known for his social activities than for his acting career; it was eventually said that he was "famous for being famous". 

Shirley Jones of the Partridge Family posing for the camera - Christmas 1956.

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Here is the lovely Shirley Mae Jones posing at Christmastime back in 1956. She is best remembered for her lead role of Shirley Partridge, the widowed mother of five children, in the musical situation-comedy television series The Partridge Family. She played this role from 1970 to 1974, along with her real-life stepson David Cassidy. The singer and actress spent six decades in show business, usually starring as wholesome characters. Some of her best known work are musical films, such as Oklahoma! (1955), Carousel (1956), and The Music Man (1962). However, it was her role as a vengeful prostitute in Elmer Gantry (1960) that won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

Dreamy photo of Sharon Tate wearing a groovy headband in 1968.

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Here's a dreamy photo of Sharon Tate wearing a groovy headband in 1968. Tate made her film debut with the occult-themed film Eye of the Devil. Her most memorable performance would come a year later when she played Jennifer North in the 1967 cult classic, Valley of the Dolls. This role earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Tate was one of Hollywood's most promising up and comers and on January 20, 1968, she married director/producer Roman Polanski. 

Then on August 9, 1969, Tate and four others who were hanging out in the home that she shared with Polanski, were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family. Even worse, at the time of her death, she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with the couple's son. She was a beautiful young woman showing great promise in Hollywood and on her way to becoming a mother. Her death and the death of her unborn child was such a tragic loss. 

Here's a 'mod' model in England coordinating her outfit with her car in 1966.

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Mod Fashion of the 1960s was marvelously innovative and bold and the British are credited with really setting the tone... and the world happily followed suit. The 1960’s really ushered in that whole “anything goes” with fashion attitude. A concept which may morph in its execution but the root sentiment still continued on in the decades that followed. The Baby Boomers were coming of age and the fashion revolution of the 60’s was youth-oriented. These modern looks weren’t confined to runways: ‘Mod’ took to the streets. The muted pastels of the1950s were fading into obscurity and Day Glow made its splash amongst bold geometric patterns.

Singer Melanie Safka did a remake of The Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday in 1970.

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Singer-songwriter Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk (known professionally as Melanie), is best known for her hits "Brand New Key", "Ruby Tuesday", "What Have They Done to My Song Ma", and "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain), her song about performing at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. "Lay Down" was Melanie's first Top Ten hit in America, peaking at Number 6 on the Billboard singles chart and achieving worldwide success. In 1971 she formed her own label, Neighborhood Records, with her producer (and future husband) Peter Schekeryk.

Her biggest American hit, Brand New Key (often referred to as "The Roller Skate Song"), was on the Neighborhood label. It sold over three million copies worldwide and was featured in the 1997 movie Boogie Nights (1997).

Betty Brosmer, dubbed by the press as the Most Gorgeous Body of the 1950's with an Impossible waistline on a 38-18-36 figure.

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Betty Brosmer was a popular commercial model and pin-up girl during the 1950’s. She won numerous beauty contests in the early 1950s, most famously "Miss Television"; which landed her spots in TV Guide, as well as on television programs of Steve Allen, Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason and others. It was after marrying entrepreneur Joe Weider in 1961, that she shifted her career towards the physical fitness industry. She became a spokesperson and trainer in the health and bodybuilding movements. She has also been a health magazine columnist and she has co-authored several books on fitness and physical exercise.

Fashionably dressed girls at a vending machine in 1971.

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Polyester and velour were the most popular fabric of choices and bright colors and psychedelic prints were available on pretty much anything you could imagine. Elements from 60’s fashion were perfected and blended into the styles of ‘hippies’ and ‘mods’ alike. Tight pants and high waisted shorts were all the rage and that soon gave way to bell bottoms and platform shoes. By 1973, most women were wearing high cut boots and low cut pants, tunics were also very popular during this decade. By the late 1970s the pantsuit and the tracksuit began to weasel their way in.

Albert Einstein at the beach in the 1950's.

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Here’s a casual Albert Einstein all dressed for a day at the beach, posed on a rock with a contracting David Rothman all decked out in his work attire. This was taken at Horseshoe Cove in Nassau Point in the summer of 1939. Einstein was staying in his Long Island summer home which he rented so he could spend the summer playing his violin and sailing (even though he never learned to swim). As for those fancy shoes he’s wearing, those were $1.35 at Rothman’s department store and evidently caused some initial confusion.

Einstein’s thickly accented request for a pair of “sundahls”, which Rothman interpreted as “sundial”, the scientist was eventually able to get these white sandals on his feet. He later laughed off the whole episode, blaming “mine atrocious accent!”.

Actress Audrey Hepburn, Paris, France - 1956.

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Here is a shot of Audrey Hepburn looking classy and charming as always, taken in Paris, France back in 1956. Hepburn quickly shot to stardom after playing the lead role in Roman Holiday back in 1953. A role for which, she was the first actress to win an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award for a single performance. From there she continued to win hearts and awards. She remains one of the 12 people who has won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards. Over the years, Hepburn began devoting more time to the United Nations Children's Fund. She became a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF and worked in some of the poorest communities of Africa, South America, and Asia. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of her efforts.

Agnes Moorehead in 1955 - later was Endora in the TV series Bewitched.

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Here is a lovely portrait of actress Agnes Moorehead back in 1955–later she played Endora in the television series Bewitched.  Moorehead’s performance as Samantha’s mischief-making mother Endora was equal parts hilarious and enchanting. She makes no secret of her disdain for this mortal of a son-in-law who stifles her daughter’s natural abilities. 

Moorehead was honored with six Emmy nominations for playing Endora but didn’t work much after the show was canceled. She died of uterine cancer in 1974, just two years after the show ended. Prior to Bewitched, however, she had a very successful career in film and television and was even a star of radio dramas back in the 1940s and 1950s.  

Agnetha Faltskog of the band ABBA 1960s.

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Here's a great shot of Agnetha Faltskog of the band ABBA, all bundled up back in the 1960s. The Swedish pop group was formed in 1972 by members Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. The name ABBA was derived from the first letter in each of their names and they went on to become one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music. They consistently topped charts worldwide from 1974 to 1982. With estimates ranging from over 140 to over 500 million sold records Abba is one of the best-selling bands in the US and from outside the English-speaking world. They are also, the best-selling band of all time from continental Europe.

Behind the scenes photo of Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach & director Sergio Leone filming The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Spain. (1966)

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Check out this behind the scenes photo of Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach & director Sergio Leone while filming "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" in Spain, back in 1966. In it, "A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery."

Eastwood achieved much of his early success in the Western genre, starting with the TV series Rawhide. He quickly rose to international fame with throughout the 1970s with various Western roles and then later played anti-hero cop Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His tendency to stick to ‘tough guy’ roles, sealed his fate as a cultural icon of masculinity. Since these early days, Clint Eastwood has gone on to become quite the filmmaker and political figure.

Bob Dylan once traded an original Andy Warhol piece for a couch!

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Here's a photo of Bob Dylan taken back in 1965. Apparently, he once traded an original Andy Warhol piece, for a couch. Here he is with a significant Warhol artwork, titled "Elvis with a Gun"– It's said Dylan took to tossing darts at it.

Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the visual art movement and Bob Dylan was one of the most significant American singers and songwriters of our time. He has performed alongside other rock legends such as Tom Petty, George Harrison, and The Grateful Dead. Even when goofing off the man had immense talent, that’s how The Traveling Wilburys formed, as a fortunate accident amongst musical geniuses. 

Carly Simon and James Taylor were married in Carly's Manhattan apartment in 1972. Carly is the daughter of Richard L. Simon, the co-founder of the publishing house Simon & Schuster.

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pictured here are musicians, Carly Simon and James Taylor, the two were married in Carly's Manhattan apartment back in 1972. It was no secret that Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell were rivals, not just as folk singers but both women were vying for the love of James Taylor. But it was Carly who ended up marrying him on November 3, 1972.

The fellow singer-songwriters had two children together, Sarah “Sally” Maria Taylor was born in 1974 and Benjamin Simon Taylor was born in 1977, both of whom grew up to be musicians and political activists. Sadly the couple divorced in 1983.

The Mugshot of a Teenage Cher, Circa 1959

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Check it out, it's the mugshot of a teenage Cher! Known back then as Cherilyn Sarkisian, she was just under 13-years old at the time. She took a friend's car to a drive-in movie theater and got in trouble with the police.

Now known for her distinctive look and contralto singing voice, Cher first gained popularity as part of the duo Sonny & Cher. After the release of their first album with their hit single, “I Got You, Babe,” back in 1965, their popularity skyrocketed. 

"I Got You Babe" reached number one on the American and British charts and by the end of 1967, they had sold 40 million records worldwide. She simultaneously began her solo career, releasing in 1966 her first million-seller song, "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)". Since then she has gone on to become known as the ‘Goddess of Pop” over the course of her six-decade-long career.

Evel Knievel leaving court after a felony conviction in 1977, Knievel pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge for the battering of television executive Sheldon Saltman with a baseball bat.

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Pictured here is Evel Knievel leaving court after a felony conviction back in 1977, Knievel pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge for the battering of television executive Sheldon Saltman with a baseball bat.

Robert Craig Knievel Jr. was a stunt performer and international icon. Evel’s first jump was at the National Date Festival in Indio, California back in 1966, and he spent the rest of his career outdoing himself. Each stunt became more ambitious and more dangerous than the last. Some of his most memorable being Caesars Palace (1967), Madison Square Garden (1971), Twin Falls, Idaho, Snake River Canyon(1975), and the famous Wembley Stadium jump (1975). Over the course of his career, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps and was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999.

The gorgeous Rita Hayworth in 1942.

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Pictured here is the gorgeous Rita Hayworth back in 1942. Hayworth was the embodiment of Hollywood glamor, born to be a star. She rose to prominence during the 1940s and quickly became one of the era's top stars. She appeared in a total of 61 films over 37 years, but she will probably always be best remembered for the film noir, Gilda (1946) in which she played the title role. The press coined the term "love goddess" for her and labeled her the most glamorous screen idol of the 1940s. She was also the top pin-up girl during World War II as far as GIs were concerned.

Original Dodge car ad, this one from 1968.

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Check out this vintage Dodge and Catalina Swimwear Advertisement. The combination makes perfect sense, lovely ladies in bathing suits are often asked to pose with muscle cars anyway… makes perfect sense to simply team up and save on ad space.

As the small print states, these two are a “Great combination for young swingers. Catalina Swimwear to put your shape in… and a Dodge Charger R/T… great shape to be in.” Well isn’t that clever? It goes on to boast, “Both have beautiful styling and comfort. Both attract attention wherever they’re seen. So go get in the swim’ n swing of things with Catalina’ 68 and Dodge 68.” 

Dolly Parton with husband Carl Dean, they have been married since 1966.

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Check out the hair on this groovy couple! Here we have a great photo of music icon Dolly Parton with her husband Carl Dean. These two were married On May 30, 1966, in Ringgold, Georgia–back during her vocal duo days with Porter Wagoner. Since these early years, Dolly Parton launched a solo career and has gone on to garner nine Grammy Awards, two Academy Award nominations, ten Country Music Association Awards, seven Academy of Country Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and is one of only seven female artists to win the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year Award!

In The Flintstones episode, The Return of Stoney Curtis Wilma and Betty 'win' movie star Stoney Curtis through a publicity contest for his new film in Bedrock. 1965

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The Flintstones was initially an animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera for ABC but has since spawned movies, television specials, and other media. The series centers around mainly the Flintstones family but also heavily features their friends and neighbors the Rubbles. It takes place in a Stone Age setting, in the town of Bedrock and combines elements of the prehistoric past with more modern living conveniences. It depicts dinosaurs, cavemen, and woolly mammoths all living side-by-side with pre-industrial technology. The original series was broadcast from September 30, 1960, to April 1, 1966, in a prime-time schedule, the first such example of an animated series. The Flintstones now ranked the second greatest cartoon of all time (behind the Simpsons) was the most financially successful network animated franchise for three decades, until The Simpsons debuted. 

Jan Michael Vincent and the cast of Danger Island 1960's.

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Pictured here is the cast of television’s Danger Island back in the late 1960’s. Danger Island is a live-action adventure produced by Hanna-Barbera and originally aired in 1968–69 as a segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. Awesomely enough, it was directed by Richard Donner ( who went on to direct Superman, The Goonies, and Lethal Weapon). The whole series comprises a six-hour adventure, broken down into 36 shorter chapters. Each lasting roughly ten minutes and ended with suspenseful cliffhangers. 

For those who don't know, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour is an hour-long variety program featuring both live action and animated segments and ran for 31 episodes from September 7, 1968, to September 5, 1970. 

Jim Morrison with wife Pamela.

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Here's a nice shot of Jim Morrison of The Doors with his wife Pamela. The Doors formed back in 1965, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore. In addition to being one of the most influential rock groups of the era, they were also among the most controversial. This was mostly due to Morrison's lyrics and highly unpredictable stage persona. After Morrison was found dead of in a bathtub under suspicious circumstances back in 1971, the band’s sales went through the roof but they ended up disbanding in 1973. Continuing on as a trio just wasn’t going to cut it. 

John Lennon with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George Smith and his second cousins visiting from Levin, New Zealand in 1964.

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Here's a great family portrait of a young John Lennon, his Aunt Mimi, and Uncle George Smith along with his second cousins visiting from Levin, New Zealand back in 1964.

Aunt Mimi Smith was Lennon's maternal aunt and his parental guardian. Lennon lived with her for most of his childhood and they remained very close as he grew older. Although it is said that she was "dismissive" of Lennon's musical ambitions, his many girlfriends, and multiple wives. 

She may have been right not to take his romantic interests too seriously (as he didn't seem to for very long either) but she was wrong about his music, often telling him as a teenager: "The guitar's all right John, but you'll never make a living out of it".

Karen Carpenter in the 1970's. What a great voice!

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Here we have a beaming Karen Carpenter back in the 1970's. What a great smile... and an even better singing voice! She came to prominence as part of a vocal and instrumental duo, The Carpenters, which produced a distinct soft musical style. 

She and her brother Richard Carpenter were signed to A&M Records in 1969, they achieved major success the following year with the hit singles "(They Long to Be) Close to You" and "We've Only Just Begun". 

Their brand of melodic pop earned them a record-breaking run of hit recordings on the American Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts. During their 14-year career, they recorded ten albums, numerous singles, and did several television specials. They have sold more than 90 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Leif Garrett, Joan Jett and members of the Jackson family at the First Annual Rock and Roll Celebrity Sports Classic, 1978.

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Oh yes, the Rock ‘N Roll Sports Classic was not something to miss. The prime time ABC special pitted the biggest stars in music (with little to know athletic abilities in most cases) against one another in a series of sporting events.

The special aired on May 3, 1978, with quite the impressive list of participants including: Boston, The Commodores, ELO, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Jacksons, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Runaways, Seals & Crofts, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Rod Stewart, The Runaways, Kenny Loggins, Tanya Tucker, and Leif Garrett. 

Looking as if she walked right off the page of a fairytale, Grace Kelly at her wedding in 1956, about to become the official Princess of Monaco.

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Grace Kelly spent six years as an actress during the 1950’s before becoming the Princess of Monaco. It was 1953 when she gained stardom in the film Mogambo, a performance which won her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination in 1954. Subsequently, she had leading roles in five films: The Country Girl (1954), High Noon (1952), Dial M for Murder (1954), Rear Window (1954), To Catch a Thief (1955) with Cary Grant, and High Society (1956) with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

She gave her wildly successful career up and retired at just 26-years old to marry Rainier and began her duties as Princess of Monaco. The couple had three children together: Caroline, Albert II, and Stéphanie. 

Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees and Scottish singer Lulu pictured together after their wedding ceremony at St James's Church in England, 1969.

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Here’s a shot of Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees and Scottish singer Lulu just after their wedding ceremony back in 1969. It was held at St James's Church in England.

Lulu later recalled first meeting Maurice, "I thought Maurice was cute, so I said, 'In that case, tell him to stop talking about me and take me out', He did just that, I never expected much to come from this, but in fact our relationship grew, after a fashion. Going steady is quite the wrong way to describe what was happening between us. Going unsteady might better sum up the way we fell in and out with each other". 

The marriage didn’t last, their busy careers and Gibb’s heavy drinking drove them apart, they divorced in 1975.

Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira Bakish back in 1970's.

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Here we have the award-winning actor and British icon Sir Michael Caine posed with his wife, model-actress Shakira, Lady Caine. It was love at first sight for Caine. After seeing her in a British television commercial for Maxwell House coffee in 1971, he became obsessed with finding Baksh. He decided she was "the most beautiful... he had ever seen." He soon found that she lived in London as well, only a few miles from him in fact. This all would have been creepy if it she didn’t return his affections, but thankfully for Caine, she did. They were married in Las Vegas on 8 January 1973 and have one daughter together, named Natasha.

Michael Douglas 1970

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Check out this shot of Michael Douglas back in 1970. You'd think he would have been a huge success right off the bat, what with his father (Kirt Douglas) being a screen icon and his family essentially being Hollywood royalty and all. But it wasn't until 1984 after Michael Douglas produced and starred in the romantic adventure comedy Romancing the Stone that he achieved real fame. A year later he did the sequel, The Jewel of the Nile, in 1987 he did Fatal Attraction, then 1989 was The War of the Roses… and he kept busy all throughout the 1990s well into the present. 

Mr. T dressed as Santa at the White House with First Lady Nancy Reagan on his lap in 1983.

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Why yes, that is former First Lady Nancy Reagan sitting on the lap of Mr. T… dressed like Santa. How on earth did a Kodak moment of this magnitude ever come to be? Well these two were actually really good friends. Remember all those Mr. T anti-drug service announcements? Nancy Reagan was the one who recruited him for her Just Say No project.

The iconic tough-guy’s anti-drug stance prompted the First Lady to invite him over to the White House to preview the Christmas decorations in 1983 and their partnership began. Mr. T devoted his celebrity status to the Just Say No campaign for the next few years, starring in a public service announcement, headlining anti-drug rallies, dedicating songs, and appearing at charity events.

Opening of the 1000th Burger Chef franchise, Treasure Island, Florida, August 9, 1969.

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Here is a photo from the opening of the 1000th Burger Chef franchise, in Treasure Island, Florida, on August 9, 1969. The fast-food restaurant chain launched back in 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana, before expanded throughout the US. It reached its peak in 1973, with 1,050 locations but in 1982, General Foods Corporation began gradually selling Burger Chef locations off to the owners of Hardee's. The final fast food restaurant to carry the Burger Chef name closed its doors in 1996.

Phyllis Diller and Bob Hope entertaining the troops in Vietnam in 1967.

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Here's a shot from one of Bob Hope's legendary live performances for United States troops in Vietnam. This particular performance included the iconic actress and stand-up comedian, Phyllis Diller. Diller remains best known for her cackling laugh, eccentric clothing and stage persona, and her notoriously self-deprecating humor.  

Diller was groundbreaking as a stand-up comic, she was one of the first women to become a household name in the world of comedy. She paved the way for comedic entertainers like Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, and Ellen DeGeneres, among others. She was is also considered a gay icon and was one of the first celebrities to openly champion plastic surgery.

Route 66 about two guys who drove across the country in an inherited Corvette, doing odd jobs and looking for adventure (1960-1964).

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The television drama, Route 66 premiered on October 7, 1960, and ran until March 20, 1964, for a total of 116 episodes. It was actually an indirect spinoff of the dram Naked City (both of which had the same creators).

SInce Route 66 followed two young men traveling across the United States, the locations were always changing. Martin Milner starred as a recent graduate named Tod Stiles, who was joined by Buz Murdock, (played by George Maharis), on his Journey. Midway through the third season Maharis left and Tod was joined by recently discharged Vietnam vet named Lincoln Case, (played by Glenn Corbett).

Strolling down Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, 1966.

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The iconic Sunset Strip is a mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, California. It extends from West Hollywood's eastern to its western border with Beverly Hills. It’s the best-known portion of Sunset Boulevard, because of its number of nightclubs, rock clubs, boutiques, and restaurants. In the 70’s, the strip became a popular hangout for musicians. From the disco, to punk rock, new wave music and even glam-rock and heavy metal music during the 1980s, the Sunset Strip has continued to be a central focus for music and nightlife in general.

Texas blues guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughn in the late 70's.

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Here we have a young Stevie Ray Vaughan… somewhat resembling Justin Long here. The singer, songwriter, and record producer had a fairly short-lived mainstream career, only spanning seven years. Despite this, he still ended up becoming one of the most influential guitarists in the revival of blues in the 1980s.

Described by All Music as "a rocking powerhouse of a guitarist who gave blues a burst of momentum in the '80s, with influence still felt long after his tragic death." Vaughan received several music awards during his lifetime and posthumously, including; six Grammy Awards, ten Austin Music Awards, among others. He was also inducted posthumously into the Blues Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The beautiful Brigitte Bardot at home with her dog, Guapa, 1950's

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Pictured here are the lovely Brigitte Bardot and her 4-legged friend named Guapa back in the 1950's. The iconic model, actress, singer, and sex symbol, gave up her life of glamour when she was still at the very height of her fame. Why did she walk away from it all? To focus solely on fighting for animal rights. Which she still does through her own foundation to this very day. Bardot keeps busy with extensive communication with civil servants, government ministers, foreign heads of state and really anyone who can help further her cause. She also has her loving husband and what basically amounts to a farm to tend to. Bardot’s pets include (but are not limited to) dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, geese, ducks, nearly 50 horses and around 20 cats. 

The Grass Roots in 1972- from 1966 to 1975 they had 2 gold albums, 1 gold single and had singles on the chart a total of 21 times with songs like Midnight Confessions, Temptation Eyes, and Live For Today

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American rock band The Grass Roots was the brainchild of Lou Adler and songwriting duo P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. During the peak of their fame (between 1966 and 1975) they achieved two gold albums, one gold single and charted singles on the Billboard Hot 100 a total of 21 times: making Top 10 three times, Top 20 three times and Top 40 eight times. To date, they have sold over 20 million records worldwide.

The lads of Monty Python being inconspicuous while in New York... (John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones) 1976

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Who in the world are these goofballs? Why it's the silly lads of Monty Python, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones of course! As you can see, they were doing a standup job of being inconspicuous while in New York back in 1976. It was in the late 1960s, that Cleese co-founded Monty Python, the comedy troupe responsible for the sketch show 'Monty Python's Flying Circus’ and the four Monty Python films. Cleese has gone on to achieve much success as actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He also co-founded The Secret Policeman's Ball benefit shows to raise funds for the human rights organization Amnesty International.

The movie Planet of the Apes (1968) was a great success but the TV series only ran for a few months due to low ratings in 1974.

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Planet of the Apes is about a world in which humans and intelligent apes clash for control. The massive science fiction franchise now consists of various films, books, television series, and comics among other media. It all started with French author Pierre Boulle's 1963 novel La Planète des Singes, (loosely translated as Monkey Planet). Next came the 1968 film adaptation, titled Planet of the Apes, and the rest is history. That initial film was a critical and commercial hit, and four sequels followed between 1970 and 1973: Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes. It also spawned two television series in 1974 and 1975. 

The women of the show, Laugh in, the 1960s.

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These smiling faces belong to the women of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (often simply referred to as Laugh-In). The television sketch comedy ran for 140 episodes from January 22, 1968, to March 12, 1973, and was hosted by comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

As is customary in sketch comedy programs, it featured a variety of stars including Teresa Graves, Goldie Hawn, Judy Carne, Ruth Buzzi, and Jo Anne Worley (pictured here). The show also featured Arte Johnson, Richard Pryor, Henry Gibson, Chelsea Brown, Sarah Kennedy, Jeremy Lloyd, Dave Madden, and Pamela Austin… to name a few.  

Tippi Hedren and her daughter, Melanie Griffith in 1968.

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Here's an adorable shot of model-actress Tippi Hedren and her daughter, Melanie Griffith (who also grew up to become an actress) back in 1968. Although Tippi originally had no intentions of acting at first, she was a successful model, donning the cover of magazines and doing commercial work when Director Alfred Hitchcock encouraged her to transition into film acting.

'I was terribly happy doing TV and modeling, and doing quite well financially," she explained. "But I was happy right from the start in the movies, too. It is more of a challenge."

The rising young star signed an exclusive 7-year contract with Hitchcock which turned out to be a brilliant move. She received world recognition for her work in his films, especially for her role in The Birds in 1963, for which she won a Golden Globe. Tippi expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am extremely fortunate in having him to guide my career." His guidance eerily enough started with the famed director calling her on a "Friday the 13th of October". 

Tom Selleck with his high school basketball teammates (early 60's).

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Check out Tom Selleck with his high school basketball teammates in the early 60's. From here, here went on to serve in the 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard (1967 to 1973) before becoming the actor we know him as today. 

Now, Selleck is best known for starring as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. (1980–1988) and his current role since 2010, as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in the drama Blue Bloods.

He's also had fun roles, like Peter Mitchell in Three Men and a Baby and the follow-up film titled Three Men and a Little Lady. Selleck has appeared in more than 50 film and television roles since his days in Magnum, P.I., including Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball, and Lassiter. 

Twiggy - The Face of 1966. She was considered to be the first supermodel and a fashion icon of the 1960s.

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Here we have an unimpressed looking Twiggy, also known as "The Face" of 1966. She was born Lesley Lawson and dubbed Twiggy professionally– this name was derived from her extremely slim figure. She remains widely considered the first supermodel and an icon for the decade because she managed to embody the essence of the 60's so perfectly. She also had a singing and acting career but modeling is where she would really shine. She eventually went on to launch her own line, the "Twiggy London" collection and she remains at the forefront of fashion today.

Very stylish Martha Reeves and The Vandellas performing by the ocean in 1966.

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Check it out, it’s Martha and the Vandellas. The all-female Motown vocal group formed in 1957 and achieved fame in the 1960s. When they first formed, the group consisted of friends Annette Beard, Rosalind Ashford and Gloria Williams, they eventually added Martha Reeves and she moved her way up to lead vocalist after Williams left in 1962. These lovely ladies charted over twenty-six hits during their nine-year streak.

Some of the group's best hits include "Come and Get These Memories", "Heat Wave", "Quicksand", "Nowhere to Run", "Jimmy Mack", "Bless You" and "Dancing in the Street" (which became their signature single).

Vintage Dodge car ad, all three with the Bumblebee Stripes!

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Check out this vintage Dodge car ad, all three with the Bumblebee Stripes! The 1970 Dodge Challenger RT became pretty famous, it was the car used in the movie 'Vanishing Point' back in 1971.

The action road movie starred Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, and Dean Jagger. It tells the story of Kowalski (played by Newman), who makes a bet that he can deliver a car from Denver to San Francisco in just 15 hours. Obviously, it’s not long before his brilliant idea attracts the attention of law enforcement and one of the longest car chases in movie history.

In addition to being mostly a car chase, the film is also notable for its scenic film locations across the American Southwest. 

Westworld is a 1973 sci-fi thriller written & directed by Michael Crichton with Yul Brynner as an android in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park where the androids malfunction and begin killing visitors.

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The American Science Fiction/Thriller Western, Westworld is a 1973 was written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton. It’s about amusement park androids that malfunction and begin killing people. The park has a futuristic Western theme and Yul Brynner stars as an android in the amusement park. It also features Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as guests of the park.

They followed Westworld up with a sequel titled, Futureworld in 1976, and then came a short-lived television series, Beyond Westworld in 1980. A new Westworld television series recently came out in 2016 on HBO, it debuted on October 2, 2016.

When Brian May was a teen, he and his Dad built their own electric guitar, the 'Red Special'. It’s the one he’s played on every Queen album and it even has its own bodyguard on tour.

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Brian Harold May is more than a musician, the singer, guitarist and songwriter is also an astrophysicist and photographer. May was a "science team collaborator" with NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission and was a co-founder of the awareness campaign, Asteroid Day. He even has a chunk of space rock named after him: “Asteroid 52665 Brian May”.

However, he will always be best known as a co-founder and lead guitarist of the rock band Queen. His home-built electric guitar, “the Red Special”, is also forever ingrained into his public persona. His compositions for the band include "We Will Rock You", "Tie Your Mother Down", "I Want It All", "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Flash", "Hammer to Fall", "Save Me", "Who Wants to Live Forever", and "The Show Must Go On".

Who knows who this little green guy is and what show he was on

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It’s The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones animated series! Voiced by actor Harvey Koman, Gazoo first appeared on the show on October 29, 1965. He was introduced midway through the show’s final season and only appeared in 11 episodes. Oddly enough has been considered by some to be an “absurd character who alters the premise and dynamic of the show”... Like The Flintstones had such a serious and “involved” premise in the first place.

Aside from The Flintstones television show, the Great Gazoo appeared in many commercials for Pebbles Cereal. He was also a chalky inclusion in Flintstones vitamins and was made a central character in the 1992 video game The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (1992). Yes, there’s a Flintstones video game.

Yvonne DeCarlo (Lotta) and Michael Landon (Little Joe) in A Rose for Lotta, the first episode of Bonanza in 1959. Little Joe is held for ransom by a mining tycoon in exchange for the Ponderosa.

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Here we have Yvonne DeCarlo (Lotta) and Michael Landon (Little Joe) in A Rose for Lotta, which was the first episode of Bonanza back in 1959. In it, Little Joe is held for ransom by a mining tycoon in exchange for the Ponderosa. Bonanza ran from 1959 to 1973, lasting a total of 14 seasons at 431 episodes, making it NBC's longest-running western. It also ranks as the second-longest-running western series on any United States television network, coming in second to CBS's Gunsmoke. Bonanza was ranked No. 43 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time back in 2002. Then, in 2013 TV Guide included it in its list of The 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time.

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