"Charlie's Angels" Star Cast - Then And Now 

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Kate Jackson Now

Ever since her acting as one of Charlie’s Angels, Jackson kept her career going and active. Kate had a few health issues including malignant tumor and breast cancer. Amidst her health issues Kate keeps working; she is currently working on her memoir. 

Shelley Hack Then

Before Shelley Hack became a well-known actress, she was only accustomed to working as a commercial actress. That is, until she auditioned for Charlie’s Angels. Her role as Tiffany Welles who replaced the departing ’Angel’ Kate Jackson helped her be the star she is today.

Shelley Hack Now

Following Shelley Hack’s departure from Charlie’s Angels, she played a variety of roles until she left acting and entered politics. Hack is now into production and has a big position at the Smash Media Production Company.