"Charlie's Angels" Star Cast - Then And Now 

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Charlie's Angels was initially a crime drama series which ran for five years back in the 70s. The show was about three women, working as detectives for a a man named Charlie. The three women would go on different missions to try to nab the bad guys and save the world from the clutches of evil.Over the years, Charlie's Angels has had over 3 adaptations, starting from the original TV show, to the action movies, to another short-lived series in 2011. So we're taking a look at the actors and actresses who have made the name 'Charlie's Angel' so memorable, starting with the OG 70s series. 

Cheryl Ladd Then

Cheryl Ladd became internationally famous after joining the second season of the original Charlie’s Angels to replace Farrah Fawcett. She played the role Kris Munroe and she remained with the show until its cancellation in the year 1981.

Cheryl Ladd Now

Although the Charlie’s Angels series made Cheryl Ladd an overnight star, she initially moved to Hollywood to be a musician. She used her new born popularity to enhance her music career. Following Charlie’s Angels Cheryl Ladd has starred in over 30 TV movies and wrote three books.

Kate Jackson Then

Prior to being part of the franchise, Kate Jackson starred in different television shows like The Rookies and the original Dark Shadows. Kate later joined the Charlie’s Angels franchise as one of the original angels; she played the role of Sabrina Duncan.