Celebrities Had Way More Fun Than We Thought At Studio 54!

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The area that would soon be known as Studio 54 was formerly a theater. The club, owned by Steve Rubell quickly built up a conflicting reputation for itself. It seemed the population was torn, they either absolutely loved the club or hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. There didn't seem to be much of an in between.

It didn't seem to matter one way or another though, every night without fail, a crowd of people would flock to the doors of the legendary Studio 54 in hopes of getting in. And who could blame them? The place was filled with celebrities who knows who you might run into once through those doors. 

The rich, the famous, the infamously insane... drugs, booze, and scantily dressed men and women all awaited them on the other side of those velvet ropes. An aura of exclusivity, an atmosphere that promoted sexual freedom, and open drug use... not only was Studio 54 the biggest nightclub in the world, it created an entire subculture. 

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