Brigitte Bardot's Beautiful Life In Pictures

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Her sister quit dance but Brigitte remained disciplined 

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Brigitte’s little sister, Marie-Jeanne was born 5 May 1938 and was enrolled in the same school as Brigitte. While she possessed the signature Bardot beauty and similar talents as her sister, she wasn’t all that into dance. Marie dropped out of dance lessons in secret so as not to disappoint their mother. Bridget, on the other hand, remained dedicated to her craft and concentrated on ballet.

Bardot was accepted by the Conservatoire de Paris

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All that hard work paid off, in 1947, Bardot was accepted by the Conservatoire de Paris. There she was able to really hone her skills and attended ballet classes by Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev for three years. The doe-eyed beauty also earned the nickname “Bichette” which translates to “Little Doe” from her fellow ballerinas there.

She was given the cover of Elle Magazine at fifteen 

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In 1949, at 14-years-old she was invited to model in a fashion show. Soon after the show, she modeled for the fashion magazine Jardin des Modes. A year later she was a cover girl. At 15-years-old she was on the March 8, 1950, cover of Elle Magazine. Each gig soon led to the next, a domino effect leading her towards inevitable fame began at a very young age.