60's Stars - Then And Now

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The Beach Boys

Source: History Fanatic

The Beach Boys are, arguably, the ultimate sixties band. Well, okay, there are The Beatles, of course. Let's rephrase that, then. The Beach Boys are the ultimate American sixties band. Their Californian surf sound was hugely popular and the sound of an era. Now, though? It's all very different for the five of them...

They look very different, of course they do. But the toll has mostly been taken by all the fighting. The group were constantly at each other's throats and still (mostly) don't all see eye to eye.

Diana Ross

Source: Edge Trends

Diana Ross is mostly associated with music from the seventies, but she first came onto the scene and caught everyone's collective musical ear the decade before. While performing with The Supremes.

She's aged pretty well and - barring a rather disastrous appearance at the opening ceremony of the US World Cup back in 1994 (the big finale needed her to score an easy penalty into an open goal, she failed), she's kept it all together well since her heyday.

Jane Fonda

Source: Good Mad

Being born the daughter of one of Hollywood's most adored leading men means a fair bit of pressure when you announce you want to be an actress. But Jane Fonda didn't let being the offspring of western legend Henry Fonda stop her. She conquered acting, invented the celebrity aerobics video and even helped stop the Vietnam War (well, kind of...).

Now? She's looking very demure. A classy lady all the way.