60 Unifying Photos Bring Back Good Memories From When We Were Younger

Written by Lyra Radford

Collected here are reminders of humanity’s strength, sources of nostalgia, and moments of unity. Whether it be moments of victory, a place of common gatherings like a record store, or those special entertainers and public figures who somehow always managed to bring people together. Here are some snippets into our unified past. 

Dancer, singer and actress Ann-Margret (1966). Source: Reddit

Pictured here is the dancer, singer, actress, and iconic bad girl Ann-Margret, striking a dramatic pose back in 1968. 

George Burns helped launch her singing career, and from there she went on to conquer acting. Soon she had a seven-year film contract with 20th Century Fox and was starring alongside Elvis, Jack Nicholson, and John Wayne. She earned an Oscar nomination for Carnal Knowledge and was even invited to serenade President John F. Kennedy at his 46th birthday party (a year after Marilyn Monroe did). Her sexy, throaty singing voice had the public referring to her as the 'female Elvis’ and her love for motorcycles earned her a daredevil reputation.