30 Embarrassing Mistakes In The Most Famous Films Of The Past

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Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Extra In The Back Is Wearing Jeans

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We all love casual Fridays, and wearing jeans and letting it all loose every once in a while. But we don’t expect to see a character wearing a good old pair of comfy jeans on the iconic film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which took place in the 30s. It's a good thing that we were all too busy being dazzled by the movie’s exhilarating action scenes, Harrison Ford’s massive pecs, and state of the art, (back then!) special effects.  

Pride & Prejudice: Boots From The Future?

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Boy, you have bewitched me body and soul, and I love you, but those boots have to go, Keira. It's a good thing that producers of Price & Prejudice opted to give their actors rubber boots, because their historic mistake put them in some deep doodoo. The 2005 romantic drama was based on the classic Jane Austen novel written in 1813. As you may have already figured out, combat boots weren’t much of a staple item back in the day. But in the film, you catch Lizzie, played by Keira Knightley, wearing rubber Wellington boots which weren't produced until 40 years later. 

Captain America (The First Avenger): The Actress’ Hair Should Be Up

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Producers of Captain America: The First Avenger, should have asked their grandmothers for some hairstyling advice, especially when it came to how female soldiers (and special agents) wore their hair during WWII. Spoiler alert, it wasn't the way you see Peggy Carter wearing it. Sure, Peggy's hair reaching her shoulder this way was okay for the era the film was portraying, but women in the army had to keep their hair off their uniform collar by wearing it up.