30 Embarrassing Mistakes In The Most Famous Films Of The Past

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Films often have huge costume, accessories and prop departments that are fully dedicated to make sure that everyone in front of the camera captures the spirit of the movie, all in the hopes of getting the viewers lost in a surreal paradise. The outfits have to fit the time period and the character's personality, but often times, someone makes a crucial mistake and ends up blowing it for the rest of us. They may have missed it on post production, but we sure were paying attention to these embarrassing and totally ridiculous costume mistakes you probably missed. Lights, camera Ahh…Oh, wait a minute, you didn’t edit that?! 

Baby's Shorts Are a Throw Back Thursday From The Future

Nobody puts Baby's shorts in the corner, I guess. But someone did. In the corner of 80s fashion and Mistakeville!

Take this image from Dirty Dancing for example. Everyone was so busy having the time of their lives that they failed to notice that Baby was wearing fashionably eighties shorts when the movie took place in 1963. Talk about time displacement.

Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Blonde Hair Was Too Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

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In Legends of the Fall, set in the 1910s, Brad Pitt's hair was too long and beautiful for his character, Tristan Ludlow, but we’ve gotten used to Hollywood blowing things out of proportion. Sadly, that wasn't their only mistake. Aside from the fact that Pitt looks like he's sporting a hairstyle from the 60s, he also has a 5 O'clock shadow on his face, which back in the day wasn’t really a trend anyone would want to follow. 

Troy: Umbrellas Were Invented 800 Years After 

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Next time Hollywood tries to portray a period piece like the film "Troy," they ought to consider doing a little research first, or maybe doing a quick Google search on ancient history, because umbrellas weren't invented during that time. Fortunately, everyone was so busy concentrating on Orlando Bloom's impressive acting skills, (and let’s face it, he looked damn fine too) to even realize that the pink parasol above his head was historically inaccurate because umbrellas weren't invented by the Greeks until the 5th century BCE, which took place 800 years after Troy was conquered.